Saturday, April 29, 2017

They are HIS children

There is probably nothing in this world that offers as much joy and satisfaction as our families!  But, like everything else in this world, there has to be opposition.  Sooooo, there is also probably nothing in this world that offers as much heartache and worry as our families.  Am I right?  Please say it's not just me that has these thoughts!

As I have been thinking about some things that our family is going through right now, and especially some kids of mine, I was praying and asking Heavenly Father for the usual favors that I ask of Him regarding my offspring (which is plenty and often, let me tell you)...I immediately had the soft answer come into my head that whispered "they are my children, I am aware of them, you aren't alone.".....................WHEW!!!!

I had a warm and comforting feeling envelope me.  I know that this is true.  I am NOT alone, I am NEVER alone.  

They are HIS children.  I will ask Him next if they are too old for me to spank.  I think they need one, or two.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Promises and Patriarchal blessings

This is a sacred topic!  I love my Patriarchal blessing and I get it out frequently so that I can be reminded of the promises that are mine if I am faithful and steadfast!  I also like to be reminded of the warnings and the counsel that are contained in it!

There is one part of my blessing that has always felt like such a heavy responsibility.  I recognize the HUGE blessing that it is!  I really do.  But I am a frail and weak human who isn't always perfect (not even close) with prayer.

Here is the part:
"through your prayers you might call down blessings that might not otherwise come to your family"

I have often wondered if I would know exactly what blessings came as a result of my prayers, that might not otherwise come.  

As I was thinking on these things this week, a thought came to me that one of the times the prayer that was offered, was a prayer that saved my sons life.  I don't know what he was doing or where he was, but because I had offered a prayer, Heavenly Father, as He promised, answered that prayer for me.  The incident happened more that 2 months ago, but just this morning, when I was ready to listen, I received that witness!

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has such confidence and faith in his children!  I am grateful for the promises that are sure.  I love Him.  I am mindful of the many blessings that are poured down upon me on a daily basis!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Weekend Plans

Yesterday Jordan and I sanded down the stair railing prepping it for a fresh coat of stain! After 4 years of the nasty that was on there before and because Leon is on the High Adventure trip with the Scouts I thought this was a perfect weekend to get this project done!!! So I am headed to Lowe's for stain and supplies! I will post before and after pics!

I think I will offer to watch my favorite little person tonight, Titan. He is so stinkin cute, he makes me laugh everyday!!!

Tomorrow my sweetie comes home from the Lake and I can't wait!! I think we will try and squeeze a little date in when he gets home (and showers, of course!)

So there are the most exciting plans for the weekend! Monday is girls camp so I will write about those adventures next week when I return!

Happy Weekend !!!

Accepting the Lords will

This has been heavy on my mind the last few days.  What exactly does it mean to "accept the Lord's will"?  How does one even begin?

I imagine that if we put all of our trials....sadness and disappointments, discouragements and heartaches all in a heap, we might be able to build a mountain.  

A mountain that can serve as our lofty look out when we realize that we have endured all those many things that the Lord has asked of us.  We can claim our spot on the top with gladness and with rejoicing that we made it!

Is this what it means?  That if we accept what the Lord is asking of us, and we endure it well (which is not always the easiest thing to do) we can sit on the top of His mountain, with Him and be glad and rejoice?  I think so.  

He knows what we are made of, He made us!!  He knows that we can trudge through those stormy nights in the rain and mud, with the wind at our faces and still come out on the other side where the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and the grass is green!  He KNOWS WE CAN DO IT!!!

Climb your mountain!  Do it with pride, knowing that you have those at your back pushing you and cheering you on, and others in the front, beckoning you to continue, and yet others at your side, namely the Savior, who never leaves us alone, holding your hand and gently leading you along! 

Accepting His will doesn't mean that we have to always be cheerful and pretend that life isn't hard.  It doesn't mean that it will make our trials easier, or even better, go away!!!  No, it means quietly taking His hand as He guides us, bravely trusting as He teaches us!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just to be willing

So this week has proven to be quite interesting in many ways.  But, for the sake of this post, I will concentrate on one word that sums it all up quite nicely.  Willing.

I was asked if I could pick up my HT and his wife at the airport on a busy Tuesday afternoon, I said that of course I could.

I received a text from a mother who needed a ride home from Seminary for her daughter and one other on an early Thursday morning.  Both in the same week. 

I am happy to be of service, especially knowing that I have been asking a lot of favors of the Lord lately.  A LOT.

So, on Tuesday morning I received a text saying that my HT and his wife are stranded in Wyoming because of storms.  I wouldn't be needing to pick them up.

On that same Tuesday afternoon I received another text saying that the mother of the girls needing a ride home figured something else out and I wouldn't be needing to take them home.

I do believe that sometimes just be willing allows the Lord to understand our hearts and shows him that we are available...that we are grateful.. and that we are willing...willing to lift one another and bear one another's burdens.

I am glad that this week I was willing and, although I didn't do anything, the Lord knows that He can count on me to be at least that.

Monday, January 11, 2016

September 4, 2015...Heaven gained a son

 September 4, 2015.  I was out in the front yard laying sod down with Leon.  I had taken a break to come inside and call my Mom to check on her and Dad.  There was no answer. I didn't think much of it as sometimes she is otherwise occupied taking care of things for Dad.

About and 1 1/2 hours later my cell phone rang.   I thought that she had noticed that I had tried to reach her and she was returning the call.  I answered the phone and on the other end, in a quiet, but peaceful voice, she said to me "Jenn, I think your Dad is gone."  

I remember feeling weak in my knees and short of breath and crying to her "no, no, Mom, he is not gone, he can't be gone, not yet."  

My Mom had spent many years in the service of my Dad and she was the best nurse, cook, cleaner and bed maker there ever was!  We always laughed and told her she earned her Ph D in nursing, taking care of Dad all those years!  He had had a stroke about 25 years earlier which started a major decline in his health, although slow.  

I think of how my Dad silently taught me many things:   Respect my elders.  Never judge someone by their "covers".  Never, ever be late.  Don't be idle.  Be strong and independent.  Don't talk bad about anyone. To put on panty hose, scrunch up the whole leg in your hand and start at the toes! 
He also taught me lessons that weren't so silent.  Stay at the table until everyone is done eating, then ASK to be excused.  Do not burp, or toot or blow your nose at the table while others are eating.  You will have 15 minutes on the phone and then you will be done!

Dad lived so many years in a broken body, but he never let it break his spirit.  He tried his hardest to be happy and pleasant, although some days he just couldn't do it, so instead, he would stay in bed.

Although his passing was more peaceful than we could have imagined or asked for, it is still hard to think that my Dad is gone.  Some days it just hurts.  I want so badly to call him on the phone and hear him say "what, honey, I couldn't hear you."!!  And I would repeat 3 more times!!!

I am so grateful that he is no longer confined to a bent, and worn out body.  How beautiful to know that he is free and able!  What a blessing!  I love you Dad and I miss you more than words!  Until we meet again!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A wee one

Last Monday, August 11, 2014 at 10:01 in the morning a new little was born into our family.  Her name?  Morgan Mae Sikora.  Her game?  Getting us to love and squeeze on her 24/7..and it's working..her game plan is a good one!

I am so in love with that little!  She is the cutest, smallest bundle of joy!  I know that I am a bit partial, but really, she is perfect. It's true.

Jordan and Hannah are proving to be wonderful parents and they are so in love with her, too.  Imagine that.  They keep saying how they never thought they could love someone (besides each other) so much.  It's true.  I remember feeling the very same way when all of my babies were born.  And then the grands come and you love them just the same!  What a great circle of love!

So that is the good and exciting news on my home front!  Always such a wonderful feeling to welcome a new one to the family!

5 weeks until another little joins us!  Man, this is the life!